>Sothink Tree Menu

Sothink Tree Menu is an easy and flexible builder to create tree menu. It has the features of intuitive interface, built-in templates, image library and Publish Wizard. The generated tree menu can be compatible with major browsers on many platforms. The supported browsers include Opera, IE, Firefox, Safari, Mozilla, Camino, Netscape on Mac and PC. Creating tree menu, all these processes from the start to the end are so simple! Even though you are ignorant to the code, you still can build an excellent tree menu.

To more important, Sothink Tree Menu can integrate with Dreamweaver as extension, with FrontPage as an add-in, and even Golive. You can insert the tree menu into web page without leaving web editor; using the library and template in Dreamweaver, or using inlcude page and shared borders in FrontPage, you can insert a tree menu into multiple pages at one time.

Search engine friendly code maker can generate a piece of code, which is friendly to search engine. It helps the website list on the top within the search result, and accessible to browsers that have JavaScript disabled.

Support thousands of nodes with unlimited hierarchical levels in the tree menu. And node and its sub nodes can be set as the expanded or collapsed status for initial loading, and you can expand the selected node and collapse the other nodes; text, font style, link, background, border style, guide line are fully customized; and all doctypes are supported. The program provides JavaScript API for expanding or collapsing any sub-trees at one time, including the whole tree. The relative position of the tree menu can be set as left, center, right in the web page with ease!


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